A woman's guide to a mindful year.

A digital companion to the book The Life Organizer, by Jennifer Louden.

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Hey there Beautiful! I'm delighted to offer you this free app, designed to help you create a life you truly love. This app is a supplement to The Life Organizer book and it will work much better if you have a copy. Hop on over here to grab yours.

Each of the sections in the app help you live a life that is more true to your values and desires, filled with more energy and aliveness.

What I hope this free app, and my book, will do for you is remind you to live your life from a place of self-mercy and self-trust, to listen to what calls to you, and to balance, moment by moment, all that life requires of you without seeking perfection or giving up on your own desires. Plus maybe make this whole listening to your heart business a lot easier and more fun.

May this be for the benefits of all beings.

Jen Louden

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